18 May 2007


By: Deivine Signor
How can I say that I miss to meet you all or just for saying hello. This is what we always say in many ways without any deep actions. No more. Why? This is I want to tell you.
  • I realise that you or whoever say: “I have not time to do”. Personally, we have 24 hours a day and nobody given more. But why many people success on 24 hours? Even, sometime they use their time less than 24 hours and they are having success. The answer is because you [we] just wait and never try to do more than you did. So, your life as you are living.
  • Affraidness for coming into risks. I say to you, even you do not do anything, risks always beside you. Even you do not do a work for a whole day, the day must be gone. So, why we don’t do something for our life? Or you say, you are so tired to do more? You will loss your time and life.
  • How do we know that we can? before you do something for your first time? It includes anything. For example in writing. How to explore your mind and write it. It is not easy, but we have to try. The best comes from a difficult things. So, why you don’t?

We miss and wish you to come. Saying your mind, enlarge your views, and get your life!

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Apollo Lase said...

Yup, nice article.
Mari kita mengerjakan sesuatu yang bisa lakukan. Jangan tunggu dan "entar-entaran". Start Now...!!!